HEY! I'M Jaclynn.

I'm in love with love -- AND obsessed with breakfast.

Most days you can find me in-between my home studio, cleaning house, and playing hide and seek with my two little boys. People often refer to me as upbeat, competitive, and optimistic. I love serving the world by raising my sons in the best ways I know how, loving on my hubby, encouraging physical print, loving on my Meta Vie Team, and growing Sincerely Jaclynn Photography.


I joined Maskcara beauty

I joined maskcara beauty on their FIRST BIRTHDAY as a company - but that's mid story

My husband and I have always been entrepreneurs together. Landscaping, Event Planning, Mobile Dog Grooming, Beach Body, Options Trading, a thriving photography business, and about ten other ventures were ran/supported by Clynn and I before i took the Maskcara Beauty plunge. I had proven myself as a person who shows up every day and hustles hard so when I approached Clynn with the idea, he said, "YES. DO IT!" while I was still weighing pros and cons of starting a new venture. The day I decided to enter my card info, I made a promise to myself. No matter where this business took me or how long it took, I was ALL IN. I have been ever since.



can't live without

French Press

It's not just about the coffee. It's about the ritual. The scooping, pouring, stirring, pausing, smelling,
and smiling.

cow milk

Clynn and I haven't bought cow milk at the grocery store in over six years. I've maybe had a sip once a year. It just doesn't seem right for us.

hot yoga

Whenever I talk about "getting my act together" emotionally, spiritually, physically, it always comes back to this. ♥

Running in the cold

Ya'll are friggin crazy. That shiz SUCKS. Chest hurts, face hurts, --JUST NO.

vegan bars

We live a pretty active lifestyle so on-the-go food is a must or we end up in the drive through waaay too much! My fave? gomacro peanut butter chocolate chip.


Least. Favorite. Chore.
Clynn and I hate doing dishes. It's a constant battle. Anyone want to be our "dishes" specific cleaning lady/dude?


I didn't spell it wrong, I mean my IIID Foundation in one compact! Life be crazy and I need my makeup routine simple, natural, and effective. My favorite beauty products!

Mystery ingredients

I've been an obsessive label reader on everything since I had a 4 month run of veganism in 2014! I prefer to know what I'm putting on and in my body.

eating out

Clynn & I LOVE eating out but try keeping it to a minimum while paying off student loans. Easily where most of our "fun money" goes!

The mall

I find myself here every once in a while but am so not a fan. We prefer to do all of our shopping online (to include groceries!!!)

Makeup For redheads

Conceal Blemishes

Why Contour?